At Sven Lavine Architecture, we embrace technology as a way to make the process more efficient, and better communicate and visualize our work.



All of our projects are based in B.I.M. (Building Information Modeling) technology, where a single “smart” computer model contains virtually all the project information.

Basic 3D

Even early in the exploration phase, we are get into basic 3D to help visualize the space.

Refined 3D

The BIM model incorporates detail added during the refine stage, and reflects what the finished product will look like.

Photorealistic renderings

Models can be exported to the latest rendering engines

Virtual reality

Immerse yourself in your project using smartphone goggles

Portable models

You will have access to your project through your own devices

Integrated 2D/3D

Project information is contained in a single, integral file, pulling 2D from the 3D BIM model

Imbedded information

Product information & specifications are imbedded in the BIM model, easily accessible to builders running the portable file