Types of Projects

  • Reconfigure interior space resulting in better circulation and function, and more open, flowing, beautiful spaces.
  • Reconfigure stairways to be more practical, beautiful and open.
  • Redesign facades, replace and relocate windows.
  • Most time efficient as permits can often be obtained over the counter.
  • Increase the floor area and maximize the potential of the home by expanding the envelope to the rear and/or up
  • Usually done in conjunction with an interior remodel.
  • Requires intake permitting process (see process)

A completely new building on a vacant lot.



Full Service Design & Project Delivery

We are there to help you with every aspect of your project, from initial planning to move in day. In addition to a design which artfully meets all your needs, we take care of all of the details needed to make your project a success.

Initial Feasibility Studies

Before even getting into program or design, we help you to decide on a scope and approach that best aligns your needs with your budget.

City Permitting

No one can say they make the SF permitting process easy. But having gone through it many times, we can make it go about as smoothly as possible.

Interior Design/Finishes

Choosing tile, paint colors & other finishes are a part of our design process, which guides us to an end product you will love, saving you from tiring showroom visits & overwhelming choices. Our in-house designer can help with furniture selection as well.

Exterior Hardscape

Outdoor features like walkways, retaining walls & planters are designed as “outdoor rooms”, as part of the home. We arrange for consultants to do plant selection, or “softscaspe”.

Sustainable “green” design

To us, environmentally friendly design includes utilizing materials that are not only “green” but enduring as well: finishes that do not degrade, or look dated too soon, and require little maintenance.

Consultant Selection/Coordination

For tasks that we don’t handle internally, we pull from our network of trusted consultants.

Builder selection & Coordination

Choosing the right builder may be the most important step in getting you the house you want. Pulling from a small group of outstanding, trusted contractors, we will help find the best match for you and your project.

Construction Oversight

In our continued efforts to provide a successful end product, we stay involved through construction, providing support and guidance to the builder, consultants & homeowner.


When you hear “modern design”, you may think of cold, stark materials. To us, modern design is an approach to the flow of space, and an arrangement of elements which is artful, and pleasantly unexpected. How we “dress” this modern design can make it feel casual, warm, livable or however you like.

Project Size

We usually work with clients wanting to do larger (whole house) projects where we are moving interior walls, or adding on. We like to get involved deeply with all of the details, and love exciting projects and like-minded clients.