San Francisco Residential Architects

What makes us different?

A proven design process

Our smooth, collaborative process from start to finish means you’ll avoid the usual pitfalls and headaches associated with renovations.

Designs customized to meet your needs

We’ll bring a fresh perspective to your project and uncover ideas that you might not have even thought were possible. 

Specialists in renovations

We have extensive experience and knowledge in renovations, so you can feel confident that we’ll go above and beyond to deliver the best result.

We keep your budget in mind

We’ll balance your financial constraints with your aesthetic vision.


Sven Lavine Architecture is a San Francisco residential design firm with a focus on livable modern design, custom tailored to the user. We take a personalized approach to design, melding our vision and expertise with our client’s specific needs and personalities.

“Sven did a great job supporting us through the process” – Victoria G.

Are we the right fit for your project?

Whether you are ready to begin a remodel, addition or new construction project, or are uncertain about the options or where to start, we are here to help. As a full service architecture firm, we take care of all of the required steps needed to make your project a success.

“We recently completed a significant home project with Sven and his team, and are very happy with the results.” -Victoria G.

Our Process

The key to a well designed house is a well designed process.
Our well defined yet flexible approach leads to success on all levels.

“…Sven led us smoothly through the many phases and hurdles presented along the way”   – Kari R.

Case Studies

Some featured examples of how we have helped our clients accomplish their goals.


Cutting edge software makes the process more efficient, and fun.


Controlling Costs

Controlling Costs

When considering a large renovation/addition project in San Francisco, cost is always a primary concern (and a big stressor). Cost creep/unknown costs are some of the things people most want to avoid. Most people have either had a bad experience, or heard horror...

Make Basements Feel Like Livable Space

Make Basements Feel Like Livable Space

Just about every San Francisco house was originally built with an unfinished ground level including a garage, and some extra storage space on the side and towards the back (often called a “basement”, but not underground per the usual definition). Some are still...

Legalizing Unwarranted Space

Legalizing Unwarranted Space

Legalizing Space We often find “Illegal”, or non-legal rooms in San Francisco homes, typically in the the ground floor. I often get asked about the implications of this, and what the process is to legalize it. I will summarize as much as I can in a Q&A format. Q:...

A Thoughtful Approach to Indoor Lighting

A Thoughtful Approach to Indoor Lighting

The fact that I have blue eyes and Scandinavian genetics probably has something to do with my glare aversion. But even the non-glare averted can benefit from good light balance in obvious, and subliminal ways. The usual approach: A grid of evenly spaced recessed cans,...

Whether you need help right now, in a few months or anything in between.  We’re here to help.