Alta Vista Remodel

A  young couple came to us with some very specific goals for their newly purchased Victorian home. The largely untouched interiors did not suit their tastes or lifestyle.

The bigger need was to address the layout of the floor plans. The rooms were physically & functionally compartmentalized like most homes of this vintage – a reflection of turn of the century lifestyles.

One of the biggest issues was that the staircase leading to the more private sleeping spaces discharged directly into the entry foyer, as they do for many houses of this vintage. Probably driven mostly by dimensional constraints, this strongly contradicts the separation of formal & informal spaces of the era.

Per our typical process, we explored a variety of differnt solutions that seek to adress the clients requirements

Floor plans

“These worked out really well, and everyone was quite pleased with what you provided” -homeowner


The solution we settled on was to reconfigure the stair from straight to a u-shaped configuration so that it discharged back towards the middle of an open floor plan. This resulted in a more efficient circulation, and corrected the awkward location at the formal entry.