Sausalito Coastal Modern

The owner of a prime piece of land came to us with the idea of building an elegant home drawing from his experiences living in locales like France, Hawaii & Turkey. The steeply sloping site presented challenges along with opportunities, like the sweeping views of Richardson Bay.

The goal was for the structure to embrace, & cooperate with the topography rather than fighting against it. The building carefully climbs the site, with each floor slid back compared with the one below, resulting in deck opportunities, and much less cut into the topography.

Explore this project in 3D

The larger, white brackets on the facade help unify the loosely arranged frontage into a cohesive whole.

“Sven has a modern eye which we appreciate and he pushed us in a direction we may not have been brave enough to take ourselves… we are extremely happy with the outcome and now have the perfect home for our family” -homeowner